Carline Van Roos - All music, lyrics and vocals.

Aythis was brought to life in France by Carline Van Roos (Remembrance, Lethian Dreams) in 2006.
Lyrically inspired by dreams, isolation and death, Aythis aims to be timeless and isolated from human nature.
Aythis' harmonies are created by the alchemy of depressive keyboard atmospheres, haunting and hypnotic melodies, ethereal voice and dark orchestral drums.

In July 2007, Aythis catches the interest of the english label Paradigms Recordings that releases Aythis' debut album DOPPELGÄNGER in November 2007.

After the succes of DOPPELGÄNGER, Aythis gets in contact with the well-known French label Prikosnovénie that releases the second album GLACIA in March 2009, a work that turns out to be more orchestral. GLACIA paints a picture of wintry, icy and desolated landscapes and receives very positive feedbacks from the press and the listeners.
One year later, the composition of the third album begins. Aythis signs with Twilight Records (Jarboe, Frozen Autumn, In my Rosary...) in 2011 to release the follow-up for GLACIA, called THE NEW EARTH. This third album melt many influences and results in an unique blend of ethereal, neoclassical, neofolk rythmed by bombastic drums.

In November 2014, the recording of THE ILLUSION AND THE TWIN begins and ends in January 2015. Due to various reasons, the album release happens 1 year later.
THE ILLUSION AND THE TWIN is officially released in January 2016.
The musical world of Aythis hasn't changed, the listener is taken into a realm where melancholy, sadness and haunting dreams reign.

14/01/2016 - New album is up on Bandcamp

If you want to support this release, you can buy the physical or digital version on Bandcamp.

The digital version on Bandcamp includes the complete artwork.

12/01/2016 - Concours pour remporter un exemplaire du dernier album

If you can understand french, one of you can win the new album by answering these questions on this blog / Pour les francophones, vous pouvez gagner un exemplaire du dernier album sur ce blog (un seul gagnant). Le concours est ouvert à compter du 10 janvier 2016 minuit, et s’arrêtera le 16 janvier 2016 à 23 h 59. Le tirage sera effectué dans la matinée du 17 janvier. Bonne chance à tous!

Mais aussi, un très chouette article concernant le nouvel album, merci Frederic Bezies! N'hésitez pas à consulter son blog